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(TERA 2)

Genesis of TERA 2

Michael Weeks
Tera Incognita












The synthesis workstation

TERA 3 specTERA of the six special synth pages: specTERA

New in Version 3.2.1

- New Multi envelope mode "free running" independent from note on/off.
- Distortion effect now stereo mode.
- Project load/save handling improved, program numbers no longer translated to 1..16.

Highlights of Version 3

Multi sampling

Each of the three main oscillators can use now samples instead of the built-in waveforms. The samples are organized in up to 16 key zones and 2 morph zones, making for a total of up to 32 sample files for each oscillator. Due to it’s high quality re-sampling algorithm, you can use a single sample for the whole tonal range!

Terrain filter

This new module allows for real-time morphing between two 16 pole filters selectable from a set of predefined vocal filters.


In addition to the high-level arpeggio functions of the built in sequencer, TERA 3 now offers a simple standard arpeggiator for each part.

Stereo routing

The amplifier module now has two additional stereo inputs allowing for stereo effects inside the synthesis patch. The spectrum oscillator has a new stereo output for stereophonic wavetable synthesis.


The four multi-segment envelopes in TERA can now be used in a new “free” mode where each envelope can be used independently. These envelopes can be saved and loaded from special envelope presets.
The standard envelope generators have also gotten a new Attack/Decay only mode.

Spectrum oscillator

The Spectrum oscillator has many new functions:

- uncorrelated stereo output
- spectrum presets
- separate spectrum parameters for two sets of oscillators

In addition to the additive sine synthesis used in TERA 2 as a basis for the wavetable generation process, the following methods can also be used:

- wavelet synthesis
- walsh function synthesis
- operator synthesis

Voltage controlled amplifier (VCA)

This new module works just like a ring modulator, except here one input is used to modulate the amplitude of the other input.

New module inputs

The outputs of the envelopes and the LFO’s can now be used as inputs for the signal processing modules of TERA. previously, these outputs could only be used in the modulation matrix.

New Modulation sources
Two modulation sources have been added:

Key alternate: can be used to get a different sound on every other note (IE: like bow up/down in natural string instruments )

Key random: creates a random control signal on every note.

Modulation matrix

The modulation matrix has been given a copy/paste function for transferring modulations between presets. Modulated parameters are indicated in the user interface through a color change of the parameter knobs.

8D control

The unique 8D morph control of TERA is now also usable for the six special synthesis pages introduced in TERA 2. The controller settings can be copied and pasted between presets and each dimension can be labelled individually.

“Fly over” tool tip help system

You can get more information on a particular parameter by moving the mouse over it, revealing  a small window with  detailed parameter info.

New sounds

The new TERA sound banks contain 256 presets, including some from the well-known sound designer Howard Scarr.
For the new sample module a set of about 35MB of multi-samples is included.
In addition to the traditional bank structure all presets are now available in a hierarchical folder structure for easy sound categorization and searching.


- MIDI controller editor for easier assignment of MIDI controllers to parameters.
- Selection fields (eg. Wave selection) can now be assigned to MIDI controllers
- Receive MIDI input from multiple devices simultaneously.
- Scroll wheel can be used for parameter adjustments on Windows XP.
- Smaller user interface makes plugin usage more convenient.
- Parameter fine adjustment control with Shift+Drag function.
- Glissando function (chromatic glide)
- Each Sequencer part can now control an external synthesizer (Windows XP)
RTAS plugin for WinXP and OS X.

VST2 plugin for WinXP and OS X.

AudioUnit plugin for OS X.

System requirements

- PC Windows XP / Vista / Pentium 2 400MHz / 512 MB or better
- Mac OS X 10.4 / 10.5 / G3 300 MHz / 512 Mb or better



"These days, it takes an instrument of immense power, flexibility and sound quality to prick up our jaded ears.
VirSyn TERA 3 is such an instrument..."

"Its analogue synthesis is among the best on the market, and its modern synthesis methods can produce breathtaking timbres"

Computer Music April 2006 Rating 10/10




made by Boris Djurdjevic
Author and Producer of Colonia

all sounds from TERA (including drums!)

user songs


MEY-T Nordschleife 1
Nürburgring 80th Anniversary


EMAYA - Without love


Without Love we could not survive
need love, survive, real love

voices: CANTOR 2
drums: JAMSTIX
all other sounds: TERA 3

more about EMAYA...

J.S.Bach Air on a G String


This demo song uses 4 morphing TERA presets. No external effects or other synths are used.

VirSyn´s Cold Song


Inspired by Klaus Nomi´s “Cold song” which brings together classical music and synthesizers.
Find out more about this famous artist

The original is the “Cold genius” from Henry Purcell´s opera “King Arthur”.

The orchestral part is done with TERA 2, the voices are made with CANTOR.

profiTERA - the modular synth

Use all synthesis modules, wire them to your needs. All of you who like to built your own synths from scratch will perhaps never leave this page...


Combi program


Filter sweep


microTERA - the waveshaping synth

With a complex waveshaping module at your disposal explore an entire new world of digital sounds...

microTERA Blockdiagram


XPeriment [hg]


specTERA - the spectrum synth

You love scanning through wavetables ? With this one you have the perfect intuitive access...

specTERA Blockdiagram


GlassyChoir [SUMMA]


EnvArp [DocT]


fmTERA - the fm synth

Yet another FM synth ? Complete control over the operators spectral composition and carrier/modulator filters makes this one a new game ...

fmTERA Blockdiagram


WoodenBell [SUMMA]


VoiceFM [hg]


anaTERA - the analog synth

Not just analog, but the best way to get closest to the great ancestors ...

anaTERA Blockdiagram


DanceRookie [DocT]


Overestimated [DocT]


formanTERA - the formant synth

You like vocals ? Then you shouldn´t miss this page. Imagine what you can do with formants controlled by multisegment envelopes ...

formanTERA Blockdiagram


EmotiKon Pad [SUMMA]


waveTERA - the physical modeling  synth

There´s much more than flutes and guitars in the world of complex natural sounds ...

waveTERA Blockdiagram


SciFi AtmoPad1 [SUMMA]


CelticHarp [SUMMA]