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VST 2.4

REFLECT - The Algorithmic Reverb


RealIR Reverb Engine

Version 2.0 of REFLECT comes with a new RealIR Engine using direct convolution of the critical early reflections without compromising the flexibility of the algorithmic reverb tail generation.

The resulting density and smoothness rivals those of the most expensive hardware reverbs.

Back to the future

REFLECT is an algorithmic reverberation plugin which combines the flexibility of vintage algorithmic reverbs with the sonic quality of convolution based reverbs.

The creation of high quality reverb needs a realistic simulation of the important early reflections together with a smooth and colorless reverberation tail.

The early reflections are the most important clue for the human ear to get a feeling about the dimension and character of a room. Most algorithmic reverbs offer a number of different algorithms to simulate different natural rooms like chamber, halls or artificial ones like plates.  REFLECT uses impulse responses from real acoustic spaces and classical reverb algorithms to emulate their acoustical properties.

The resulting reverberation sets new standards in clarity and sense of space !


The new version 1.3 is a true surround reverb modelling multichannel early reflections and decorrelated reverb tails for a realistic spatial emulation.

REFLECT is now compatible to the new VST3 standard - the next major revision of Steinberg’s Virtual Studio Technology. The VST3 version allows for arbitrary input/output channel configurations up to 10.2 Surround.


- True Surround reverb
  VST3: all configurations up to 12 channels including 5.1 / 7.1
  AudioUnit: mono/stereo/5.1 => mono/stereo/5.1
  RTAS: mono/stereo/5.1/7.1 => mono/stereo/5.1/7.1

- Import of surround impulse responses.
- Surround reverb programs.

Audio examples

V 2.0 RealIR reverb programs

Fat Room




Large Hall


New reverb programs in V 1.2

Large Concert Hall


Giant Hall


Boston Hall


Each audio example show you one reverberation program and is split into three parts, first one is the dry reference followed by 50% wet signal and then 100% wet.

Grand Vocal Hall


Vocal Plate


Vocals: Solar moon

Concert Hall


Guitar Chamber


Small Studio


40 second reverb tail...


Hall 224


Hall 224 ( Snare )


North Church


Dry/Wet setting automated for far/near effect

Post production programs


After the dry sample you´ll hear the programs Bathroom, Bedroom, Car interior and Mini Cave.


Algorithmic Reverb

- Import of early reflections from impulse response files.
- RealIR Engine uses convolution for early reflections
- Surround reverb
- 150+ Factory reverb programs
- 4 band equalizer
- Smooth reverb tail generation
- Easy user interface “one page only”.

Host compatibility

- VST 3 / 2.4
- AudioUnit

Minimal system requirements PC

° Pentium III 600 Mhz processor or Athlon
° 512 MB RAM
° Windows XP / Vista
USB port required for Syncrosoft copy protection device
° 16-bit Soundcard with DirectX/ASIO driver

Minimal system requirements Mac

° PowerPC G4 400 Mhz / Intel Mac
° 512 MB RAM
° Mac OS X version 10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6
USB port required for Syncrosoft copy protection device

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A superlative reverb processor...

...sounds in any situation like a true, natural reverb.

german review...


“Having used REFLECT as my only reverb in my last three full song sessions as well as in any other projects I’ve worked with at the same time and I must say that I’m extremely pleased with it.

I’m talking about the rooms, the halls, the chambers and so on. They sound very natural. It has none of that ugly muddy sound that especially older reverbs suffered from.” might actually be “the next big thing” in reverbs.

Read the full review...

ProToolerBlog October 2007


Allow me to express my appreciation for being the first 3th Party developer who implements the VST3 standard. For what I was able to test so far, it is working perfectly in Nuendo 4.
Besides that, let me applaud the fact that this is pretty much the first "reverb" that is giving the importance needed to the early reflections.
The early reflections are much more important than the reverb tail to give the impression and the feel of a room.
This is what we need in Post Production, being able to put dialog in a room, without having to deal with these annoying reverb tails that comes with most reverbs.
I'm not easily impressed, but this time ....

Fredo - Temple of Tune Moderator



I have been amazed at the rich quality & simplicity of use of Reflect & just cant get enough of the modulated reverb settings that are just glorious!
I have used it as the main reverb on a film score I have just written, produced & mixed with my partner Andy Hunter.
The film is called 'Expelled" & is due out worldwide in April 2008.
(Produced tracks by: Howard Jones, Chicane, Sugababes, Kate Bush)

Robbie Bronnimann