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What´s new in version 1.4 ?

POSEIDON - The Ocean of Sound

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The Ocean of Sound

For all creatures in the ocean of sound - Sonic textures from other worlds, Analog signature sounds,  Cut-through-the-mix leads and silkily smooth pads: POSEIDON sets a new standard for sounds and ease of use. All of this was made possible through a combination of the familiar, conceptual simplicity of the analog synthesis and our new, F-Domain synthesis technology.    


At first sight POSEIDON looks like a simple structured analog “Oscillator-Filter” synthesizer  with all controls visible at once. This gives POSEIDON the ease of use with nearly no learning curve. The real power is working under the hood: The oscillator is nothing less than the award winning spectral modelling sound generator of CUBE. The variable slope Filter is a completely new design based on our unique F-domain synthesis. But let´s go step by step...

Spectral model oscillator

Select a basic sound model from over hundred delivered with POSEIDON. The basic sound model determines the sound characteristic you want to start: taking a artificial model like “Sawtooth” gives you analog style sounds. Use complex models from analyzed samples for earth shaking ambients and evolving pads.
Analyze your own favourite samples to create new models. For really fat sounds use the unisono mode giving you up to eight oscillators with variable detune.
The bitmap import function let you even take images and convert them to soundscapes!

Time manipulation

POSEIDON gives you complete control over the temporal evolution of a complex sound model: time stretching, manual time control and freezing made simple with an unprecedented quality!

Model parameters

High level controls allow for changing the spectral shape, the harmonicity and balances the level of residual noise and spectral amount of the oscillator model. The inherent sound movement can be blurred in time.

F-Domain Filter

The newly developed F-Domain filter allow for drastic changes in the resulting sound spectrum. Five filter types including lowpass/highpass characteristic can be used to shape the sound. They have the usual controls like cutoff but also very unusual ones like a variable slope ranging from 0 dB to 72 dB / Octave and independent controls for resonance and bandwidth! This kind of controls are only possible in the context of our F-Domain synthesis technology. This results in an extremely clear filter sound with breathtaking fast modulation possibilities.

The filter type “Inverse” interprets the sound model as a "Source" and a resonant body "Filter". The cutoff parameter shifts the filterbase - this is the equivalent to making the instrument body smaller or bigger.


This simple control gives your sound a distinctive moving distribution in the stereo panorama. Every atomic sound particle has it´s own path through the space !

Sound browser

The sound browser in POSEIDON gives you a fast selection of sounds based on five search criteria: sound category, timbre expression and style. But POSEIDON´s browser doesn´t stop here. The current selection can also be used to generate random new sounds fitting the selection you´ve made !


If the unstoppable tide of virtual analogue synths
is leaving you cold, you could consider diving into
Poseidon's refreshingly different 'Ocean of Sound'...”

“...Poseidon is a beautiful instrument.”

SOS August 2007

"There are some wicked good sounding presets in there and you can tweak them to the end of the world and back. Really, there is so many ways you can manipulate the sound that you’ll never get bored with it.”

"Working with it in real-time is really something else thanks to all the possibilities, in many cases you can play and manipulate the sound at the same time.

Read the full review...

ProToolerBlog July 2007

"VirSyn have always been a beacon of originality, though offering jaded musicians more than just retro rehashes”
"We have to applaud VirSyn for taking us down a less-travelled synthesis path"
Computer Music July 2007

Song demos

Take five !


Well known Jazz theme, all sounds but the drums are from POSEIDON

Ride of the Valkyrie ( R.Wagner )


The “orchestral” side of POSEIDON,
note the spacey flirring of the high violins !
All done with POSEIDON only in realtime.

Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 ( J.S.Bach )


The “analog” side of POSEIDON,
inspired by “Switched on Bach”.
All done with POSEIDON only in realtime.


MEY-T  Tschingma Dance



MEY-T Techno Computer



MEY-T Die Schaufel



Preset demos

Rain Forest


Would you have thought that this once was a simple PWM modulated Saw wave from TERA ?

Water Arp


Arpeggiated Water transforms to bell like sound

Satanic Bubble


I don´t know where the name came from...

Chaos Wheel


This is an example of “walking” through the time line of an anyalzed sample. This sound results from a single held note using the Modulation wheel to wealk though time.

Dirty Harry


Bass sound showing the character of the F-Domain Filter



Simple bright analog pad with slowly opened space...