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CANTOR 2 - The Vocal Machine

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A quick tour through CANTOR

- Compose your melody and enter the lyrics


You can enter your melody the same way youīre used to with other sequencer programs like Cubase/Logic. For vocal lines you have to add the lyrics and CANTOR will translate them into a special phoneme description using itīs german/english pronunciation dictionary. Itīs possible to enter the phonemes directly - then other languages like latin for gregorian chorals are also in your reach.

- Adjust the pronunciation to your taste


The phoneme micro sequencer allows you to fine tune the pronunciation of each word/syllable. You can adjust the length of the phonemes and the level of each consonant to achieve optimal intelligibility or whatever your main goal is...

- Add expression and vibrato


The human voice “lives” from itīs expressivity. All important parameters to achieve livelike performance are in your reach with CANTOR 2. Free envelopes for essential parameters like volume, tension, vibrato or pitch allows you to mimic any style down to spoken words.

- Edit the voice character


CANTOR 2 comes with many ready to use voices. But iīm sure that what you really want is to have your own unique voices, isnīt it ? Thatīs where the enormous flexibility of CANTORīs voice generation comes into play. Easy to use high level editing facilities allows you to change the character of the voice completely.

- Create your own voices


Even not enough room to play ? Then the phoneme editor may be the tool of your dreams. Here you have access to the inner heart of each voice and language: the phoneme set. Editing on this level allows you a broad range of voice manipulations. You can for example give the voice a specific local “Accent”. Even creating your own languages is possible here...