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CANTOR 2 - The Vocal Machine

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- Turns your computer into a singer !

- Expressive solo-, background- and choir vocals

- Score editor with total host integration ( VST / AU / RTAS )

- 50+ ready to use natural and artificial voice characters

- Sings in german and american english


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user songs


MEY-T Polonium Puppe Modell 210



EMAYA - Without love


Without Love we could not survive
need love, survive, real love

voices: CANTOR 2
drums: JAMSTIX
all other sounds: TERA 3

more about EMAYA...

- available for Windows XP and Mac Universal Binary

The human voice is the most sophisticated and versatile instrument used in musical expression. With CANTOR an exciting  new era of realtime vocal synthesis begins right now ! Imagine entering your lyrics in plain english and then “sing” your lyrics instantly just by playing the melody on your MIDI Keyboard. Add realistic expression with realtime parameters controlling vibrato rate and depth or changing the character of the singing voice from female to male !

Thanks to our new vocal synthesis technology VOSE*, a vast improvement in sound quality and intelligibility was achieved. The range of voice characters is virtually unlimited: it goes from robotic voice characters to highly expressive and nearly realistic  sounding voices.

The completely reworked score editor makes it easy and fast to edit the most important sound parameters which give you access to the finest detail of spelling and expressivity of the vocal line. All those editings can be done in realtime: What you hear is what you get.

The new MIDI import feature makes it possible to use pitchbend and expression information. This opens up entirely new applications: if you take for example an analyzing program like Melodyne from Celemony you can take a “real” vocal part and analyze it. After importing you can use this vocal line and combine it with a new voice made by CANTOR !

More than 20 ready to use voices in german and american pronunciation are part of CANTOR 2. Extensive possibilities for phoneme and voice editing makes it easy to create your own individual voice characters – even creating „new“ languages is in your reach !

CANTOR 2 is available as a stand alone program and as host plugin ( VST2.4, RTAS, AudioUnit ) for the platforms Windows XP and Mac OS X. The Mac version is delivered as Universal Binary for Intel-based Mac compatibility.

* VOSE – Vocal Simulation Engine



Score editor with the new phoneme sequencer for pronunciation fine editing


Detail of the pitch and automation editors - this one makes your singer get real !