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New version iVoxel 2.5 supports Audiobus and iPhone 5 graphics !

The new version of iVoxel can be used in the Input, Filter and Output slots in the Audiobus signal chain. The carrier signal and the vocal signal can now be fed by any Audiobus compatible Apps. For more information about Audiobus please visit: www.audiob.us

iVoxel and Audiobus Video Tutorial:


About iVoxel

iVoxel is not only an amazingly sounding vocoder for iPhone/iPod and iPad/Mac - the unique concept of iVoxel turns this vocoder into a singing machine going far beyond the capabilities of traditional and software vocoders on any platform.

iVoxel lets you:

  • Speak or sing into your head set mic transforming your voice in a wide variety of ways.
  • Record words, syllables or other sounds into the voxel dictionary for later reuse.
  • Play different voxels live on the keyboard with ingenious pitch bending.
  • Arrange and play melodies with the built in sequencer and add the lyrics from a user expandable dictionary of voxels.

iVoxel is a combination of a voice optimized synthesizer and a vocoder with an unprecedented intelligibility. The vocoder part is based on the Matrix vocoder from VirSyn used by many famous artists - one of them the well known german group Kraftwerk. The channel filters used by iVoxel are based on the Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201 resulting in a rich and fat analogue sound characteristic.

iVoxel 2.0 major features:

  • Realtime pitch following
  • Automatic tuning correction to selectable scale
  • Improved sound quality with new oscillators
  • Voxel editing
  • Hi-end Reverb
  • Virtual MIDI
  • Background audio
  • Soundcloud integration
  • WIST synchronisation

Spectrum and Pitch display:


Main editor:


Audio demos of new pitch follower

Download Name Play Size Length
download BulgaVox

0.3 MB 0:14 min
download DontYou

0.1 MB 0:05 min
download Feel

0.1 MB 0:04 min
download LookInto

0.2 MB 0:09 min
download SienteElRitmo

0.1 MB 0:05 min




Sequencer page


Big keybord page



You can use iVoxel in many different ways:

As a realtime vocoder talking into the microphone while playing tunes on the keyboard. The sound character of your voice can be changed in many different aspects like pitch, gender or breath noise. Use it to sing over your favorite iTunes song !

Records the analyzed spectrum of phrases and words using your own voice. Then use these voxels to play with your own voice on the keyboard or with the build in sequencer. Nearly 300 prerecorded voxels are already included.



The output of your creations can be recorded to an audio file which you can use with other Apps and programs for further processing.

Quick Start





  • Realtime analysis/resynthesis of your voice
  • 20+2 Channel vocoder
  • Pitch Follower and automatic tuning correction to selectable scale
  • Voice spectrum recorder (voxels)
  • Nearly 300 prerecorded voxels included
  • Play your vocoded voice live on keyboard. Drag for slides and vibrato.
  • Polyphonic sequencer for notes & lyrics
  • Voice optimized polyphonic synthesizer
  • Time warping of voxels
  • Voxel scratching function.
  • Gender changer
  • Breath noise
  • Pitch vibrato with delay
  • Hi-end Reverb and Chorus/Delay effects
  • Compatible with Akai SynthStation25
  • Use any CoreMIDI compatible MIDI keyboard with the iPad version*
  • Uses Modulation wheel or finger dragging to modulate Gender/Vibrato
  • Export/Import of recordings, projects and voxels with iTunes Filesharing
  • Support for virtual MIDI input connections**
  • Background audio**
  • Support for Korg's Wireless Sync-Start Technology (WIST)**
  • Publish recordings online with the SoundCloud audio platform**
  • Copy audio recordings to Clipboard for use with other Apps (e.g. Intua BeatMaker and many others)**


*For CoreMIDI compatible keyboards look here...

**not available in Mac App



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...i use a ton of vocoders in my bands and iVoxel will really allow me to experiment and come up with new crazy ways to incorporate robot voices into our music.


...Very useful indeed!