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About TERA 3

Modular Synthesis Workstation


Explore new sound spaces with VirSyn TERA that go beyond the emulation of synthesizer legends. Use the power of analog and digital synthesis combined with new physical models and new user interface elements to navigate through 8- dimensional sound spaces exceeding the limits of traditional sound morphing. The well-designed algorithms and the economical modular structure provides you with a comparatively high voice yield. Wireless patching of modules combined with an intelligent modulation matrix simplifies the development of new synthesizers from scratch. Up to 16 modular Synthesizers can be used simultaneously, all having the same user interface helping you operate this multi- modular system without losing track.
Distortion, echo/delay and chorus/flanger/phaser effects for every modular synthesizer help boosts the sound into outer space. VirSyn TERA gives your production an individual character with its unique fat sound. Precise timing even with an external sequencer lets you feel the rhythm. Produce complete productions with VirSyn TERA as a stand-alone tool. Inspire yourself from the newly-designed 64 step- sequencer, expanding the concept of the classic analog sequencer with variable rhythmic structures and chord sequences. Or use the sequencer for real-time transposition of keys to play never-before heard arpeggios. Arrange up to 256 sequences in the song editor to complete the composition. And the integrated mixing console, together with a room simulator and a global chorus effect, helps you in the final production step.

8 dimensional Morphing

Navigate through 8-dimensional sound spaces exceeding the limits of traditional sound morphing

Morphing sound parameters
8 Dimensions

Live is Fun

Pattern oriented sequencer with live manipulation extras.

Pattern sequencer
16 Parts

Wire me!

Tera Pro comes with all major analog and digital synthesis methods including sampling.

Modular Synth

Modular Synthesis Workstation for Desktop

Modular Engine

TERA is a modular synthesizer, this means that every patch is constructed out of independent sound modules, e.g. Oscillators, Filters, ... and the signal flow is determined through the connections between these modules and the settings of the modulation matrix. Even more TERA houses 16 complete Modular Synths for multitimbral delightedness.

Multi Sampling 

Each of the three main oscillators can use samples instead of the built-in analog and digital waveforms. The samples are organized in up to 16 key zones and 2 morph zones, making for a total of up to 32 sample files for each oscillator. You can even use them for FM sounds!   

Multi Synthesis 

Besides virtual analog synthesis there are modules for nearly any kind of synthesis methods known: FM Synthesis, Waveshaping, Karplus Strong physical modelling, Formant synthesis, Walsh functions, ... not to forget our spectacular Spectrum oscillator taking Wavetable synthesis to another level.

8D Morphing 

The unique 8D control panel allows you to morph up to 64 sound parameters simultaneously. Travel through this sound space either using your mouse or MIDI controllers. Control the travelling speed with the parameter Speed, giving you some kind of „8-dimensional sound portamento“.

Sound library

The included sound library covers with it's more than 1200 presets a vast range of styles and covers a big part of the history of electronic music. Add your own sound creations structured by your demand.


TERA 3 runs on Intel/M1 Macs with 10.12 or newer as standalone App / VST2 / AudioUnit and on PCs with Windows 8.1 or newer as standalone App / VST 2.

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